Automatic water and rain monitoring system

- Dec 25, 2020-

Automatic water and rain monitoring system

Automatic monitoring of water and rain conditions is composed of remote measurement terminal RTU, 4G wireless communication, management center monitoring software, rain gauge, water level gauge, remote measurement terminal RTU, solar charge controller, lightning protection device, solar panel and battery, etc., installed on-site, real-time It collects rainfall, water level and other data, and can send the data to a remote management center at the same time through a 4G router, which can be widely used in small and medium-sized reservoirs, mountain flood warning, and small and medium-sized river monitoring applications.

▲Integration of acquisition and transmission to improve system reliability and reduce costs;

▲Low power consumption, using solar + battery power supply, suitable for field operation;

▲Support 4G network real-time online transmission mode;

▲With automatic timing reporting and event-triggered reporting functions, it supports multiple mixed working modes such as self-report, response, and wake-up;

▲Built-in large-capacity FLASH memory, automatic data recording, power-down save, support historical data retrieval;

▲Provide user setting software, open interface, support interconnection with third-party software;

▲Using Web Internet information release, users can query online anytime, anywhere;