Charging pile online management solution

- Aug 12, 2019-

Charging pile online management solution

Using pile networking technology and mobile internet technology to provide safe and convenient charging services for electric vehicle users, providing convenient and reliable operation management for charging pile manufacturers and charging facility operators, and building ecologically shared charging services for different types of charging pile owners. The operation platform will realize the "Internet + charging facilities" service and effectively support the construction of smart city infrastructure.

charging pile online management solutions


Self-service charging service: Provide online reservation, search and navigation, self-service charging, automatic settlement, automatic payment and other services for electric vehicle users.

Online operation management: Provide charging station pile asset data management, charging pile online monitoring, remote charging service management via industrial 4G LTE router, etc. for enterprise and personal charging facility owners, which can be remotely monitored by platform agent users.

Settlement transaction service: Provide online and instant charging service transaction settlement services for both parties to the charging service, and realize online payment based on the third-party payment platform.

Intelligent operation and maintenance management: The charging pile fault platform can automatically generate fault operation and maintenance work orders, and push the work orders to the operation and maintenance management personnel in real time. The operation and maintenance personnel respond to the faults in time through the mobile application end.

Multi-channel services: provide a variety of service channels such as APP, WeChat public account, small program, Alipay city service, portal website and so on.

Rich operational methods: support for coupons, first-order exemption, limited time discount, full delivery and other marketing activities management.

Data Analysis Service: Based on the platform to operate big data, it provides services such as vehicle energy analysis, user charging habits and behavior optimization strategies for electric vehicle manufacturers and electric vehicle users.

Real-time communication: Provides real-time network communication for all devices using industrial 4G routers. It can achieve rapid deployment and effectively reduce the cost of fiber access.