Factors affecting the coverage of industrial 4G routers

- Sep 26, 2018-

One: Environment In the open environment, the signal coverage of 4g industrial routers is bound to be wider, if the transmission environment has water, signal interference source, metal or wall material interference, will inevitably affect the signal of 4g industrial routers. The result of the influence depends on how much the interfering material affects the signal. such as the thickness of the wall in the transmission medium or wall material, the impact of the signal coverage varies.

Two: Antennas The larger the antenna length signal, or the number of antennas is also an important factor affecting the coverage of WiFi signal.

Otherwise, you will not see 3 or 5 antennas on the market 4g industrial routers. At the same time the antenna quality of 4g industrial routers is also key. The high-quality 3dBi antenna allows for higher-gain signals and wifi distances of up to 100 meters.