highway grid weather environment monitoring system

- Dec 18, 2020-

The highway grid weather environment monitoring system automatically monitors the air temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, visibility, road conditions, etc. along the highway by arranging several meteorological monitoring stations along the highway. The wireless network communication method transmits the collected data and on-site video image information to the command center in a timely manner, and provides accurate data support for decision-making assistance to the highway management department.

The automatic weather station is the data acquisition and communication terminal of the highway grid weather environment monitoring system. It adopts the field power supply mode of solar panel + storage battery. It has the characteristics of high monitoring accuracy, stability, and easy maintenance. Informed the requirements of highway weather monitoring.

The weather station monitoring host supports RS485 and Ethernet wired and GSM 4G wireless router communication methods. The expressway is far from the traffic monitoring center, and the wiring works are large and inconvenient, so GSM 4G wireless router communication is usually selected to upload data.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is the remote management center of the highway grid weather environment monitoring system. It adopts the Internet of Things, sensors, big data and cloud computing technologies, is developed and developed based on the B/S architecture, and uses the Window interface style to deploy in the cloud public The web server supports multiple terminal management such as web page and mobile phone APP.

The characteristics of the highway grid weather environment monitoring system:

Multi-site data analysis and viewing: The cloud platform automatically receives the remote monitoring data uploaded by multiple automatic weather stations installed on the highway, and updates the display in real time through numbers, curves, dashboards, etc. on the platform display interface, and automatically stores historical data. Supports viewing, downloading, and printing historical data in time periods.

Abnormal weather warning: through the cloud platform, the power supply and communication status of the automatic weather station, the stability of the sensor, etc. can be tracked and monitored in real time, and the wind speed, wind direction and other parameters can be set through the cloud platform. If the real-time data such as wind speed is received If the limit set by the platform is exceeded, the system will immediately send weather abnormal information to managers via telephone, text messages, etc., to provide accurate data support for the traffic control system.