How to select an industrial router

- Sep 26, 2018-

1, the hardware of industrial-grade 4G router Hardware selection is the foundation, just like the foundation of a tall buildings. The processor chooses a low power consumption so that the device does not freeze due to its high temperature. Wide temperature range, suitable for -20° to 80 °, suitable for different working environments.

2, industrial-grade 4G router software Software is the framework, just like the corridor of high-rise buildings. Good software uses simple code to run efficiently, reducing the use of processor resources. Good software will be considered in more aspects, through the diagnosis of equipment operation, the discovery of anomalies can be solved by the software itself.

3, industrial-grade 4G router signal The industrial-grade 4G router enters the internet via 4G dial-up and then through the nearby base station. In other words, the signal strength and stability of the nearby base station will affect the industrial-grade 4G router very much, this is an objective situation. If the signal coverage effect is not good, causing the industrial-grade 4G router to receive weak signal, will cause disconnection phenomenon; another is that the operators of the base station too many people, too heavy load, which will lead to the overflow of the access device, that is, be squeezed out.