Industrial routers common fault analysis and troubleshooting solutions

- Sep 26, 2018-

1, 4G Industrial router can not enter the configuration page?

Answer: 4G Industrial Router Default IP is changed, if changed please use the changed IP to enter the page. 

2, 4G Industrial router normal (online light on). But the ping does not pass the network? 

Whether the gateway to the PC is pointing to the 4G routed IP (4G industrial router factory ip: The DNS server IP address of the PC is filled in.

3, 4G industrial router normal operation after a period of time, the disconnection can not be re-boarded the network? 

Check if the SIM card is not in charge. There is a configuration for "online hold" in the 4G Industrial Router configuration page.

4. Why is the device often dropped?

A: To view debug information, Keeponlietimeout is to keep the timeout online.

5, 4G industrial Router IP modified forgotten, or configuration changes can not log on to the Web page how to deal with it? 

Open the Serial Debugging tool, open the serial port, Ethernet to Serial line connection console port, press CTRL + C at the same time to the device power, and so on after running Runrestore, run the prompt to complete OK can quickly restore the factory configuration, note OK after closing the serial tools, and then restart the device,

You can reset the login page again. Open the Serial debugging tool and refresh the program version again.