Intelligent bus electronic stop sign solution

- Jan 19, 2021-

Intelligent bus electronic stop sign solution

"Intelligent Digital Public Transport" will use global satellite positioning and navigation technology (GPS), advanced communication methods (4G LTE), geographic information system technology (GIS-T), advanced video transmission technology, and a new generation of applications that combine intelligent sensors. The system can provide real-time and accurate Chinese and English vehicle arrival forecasts, multimedia video playback, real-time video monitoring, passenger feedback suggestions, and various information publishing services for waiting passengers. It can also expand taxi dispatch, emergency assistance, information inquiry, etc. 

The main function 

  1. Intelligent alarm function. After pressing the alarm button, the monitoring background can also receive the video and audio information of the station camera for storage and emergency treatment.

  2. The electronic station monitoring system adopts starlight-level professional camera, which can present high-definition full-color video under low light at night.

  3. Video surveillance function. It is integrated with 4G industrial router to communicate at any time.

  4. The electronic station has a built-in credit card replenishment system to facilitate passengers to replenish and check the card balance at any time.

  5.  Bilingual human voice TTS station announcement function, the volume can be adjusted automatically or remotely according to the time period. 

  6. Button screen turning function. If there are more lines at this point and the display screen turns more pages, a waterproof stainless steel button can be installed. Waiters can touch the button to turn pages and browse the information released by the electronic stop sign display screen. The bus information you want to know saves waiting time and improves passenger satisfaction.

  7. LED fault return and alarm function, can detect LED display and operating status point by point, send back alarms in time for short circuit, open circuit, blurring and other phenomena, and can remotely monitor abnormally opened electronic station signs to ensure the system The operation is normal.

  8. The temperature and humidity index collection and release function can collect the temperature and humidity around the electronic stop sign, and can publish it on the electronic stop sign in real time, and record it in real time in the background.

  9. The function of querying bus arrival information by mobile phone APP program (also available through the mobile phone WEB page), citizens can download APP mobile phone program for bus information query (most mobile phones are now smart phones), which is better than querying information through SMS The way is simpler.

  10. Sponge City Data Supplementary Node Water Flooding Real-time monitoring of water content. The humidity and water content probe can be embedded under the electronic station sign to monitor the soil water content around the electronic station in real time, and it has functions such as flooding alarm to complete the sponge city data supplement.

Yinghua R58 and R68 4G LTE industrial routers have been used in more than 10 cities' bus stop sign projects.