Intelligent Elevator Kiosk machine solutions

- Jun 13, 2019-

The construction of urban buildings is followed by the general popularity of elevators. In recent years, elevator accidents have occurred frequently, causing scalp tingling. Under this environment, Yinghua Technology and elevator advertising machine manufacturers have launched a new intelligent elevator advertising machine to solve The scheme combines the operation of digital elevators for information dissemination, elevator safety and intelligence, and emergency rescue integration. It supports the broadcasting of news, building management announcements, service information, security knowledge, commercial advertisements, and weather under normal circumstances. Forecast, etc., when the elevator fails, the elevator advertising machine can become emergency equipment, support one-button alarm, emergency guide and other functions.

1.Centralized control management

Elevator advertising machine built-in industrial 4G LTE router, support remote control management through WAN network, no need to manually change cards, insert cards, to achieve different venues, different audiences, different time periods can play different advertising information content.

2. Information is released in real time

 Support security knowledge information release, property service information release and commercial advertisement information release, support instant release of emergency information, emergencies, media files, including bank foreign exchange, fund interest rates, policies and regulations, promotional activities, weather forecasts, clocks, etc. Can be released synchronously.

3. Multi-screen split screen display function

  The vertical screen elevator advertising machine supports setting a specific playing schedule for each screen, and solves the contradiction that only the advertising attention is reduced or only the entertainment program has no advertising value, and the operation functions are diversified. Also supports custom split screen, the screen area can be arbitrarily divided, the horizontal and vertical screens can be arbitrarily matched, the resolution can be combined at will, the multi-screen does not interfere with each other, and the video, music and pictures can be played at the same time, and the combination of information release and touch query and interaction is supported. Use.

4. Custom NFC function

  After joining the NFC function, the user can use the mobile phone to swipe on the screen of the advertising machine to obtain further product or service information, obtain more consultation, support docking with the online mall, and allow the user to guide the formation while contacting the promotional information. Real consumption, greatly improving the purchase conversion rate of advertising.

5. With floor display function

  When the elevator advertising machine is docked with the elevator background, the elevator running state is obtained in real time, the floor display is supported, the uplink and downlink digital information or voice information of the elevator is integrated into the multimedia publishing system, and the elevator uplink is displayed on the display terminal while the multimedia advertisement is being released. Down and stay on the floor.

6. One-button alarm function

  The elevator advertising machine solution supports one-button alarm. When the elevator is faulty, the user can contact the emergency rescue personnel at the first time to shorten the response time, improve the timeliness of the rescue of the trapped people, and play the emergency guide of the elevator. Reassure the trapped person to stabilize the mood, and inform the passengers by the voice to the current state of the elevator and the correct handling method, so as to avoid accidents caused by the passenger's wrong operation.

7. Data monitoring

  The elevator advertising machine solution provides data monitoring support. The data collected in the elevator car through the camera is beneficial to the centralized management of the community monitoring. It monitors the personnel entering and leaving the elevator in real time, supports video storage, and can also be connected in real time through an industrial 4G LTE router. Videos can be kept for later reference.

8. Touch screen interactive value-added services

  The elevator advertising machine solution can support the indoor navigation map query of the floor, as well as the guidance information of the advertisements and activities of the business of the layer. When the user takes the elevator, he can click on the screen self-checking interaction to obtain the required information service.

9.P2P download

  The data sharing between the terminal and the terminal is realized, the download speed of the program by the terminal is greatly improved, the release pressure of the server and the resource requirement for the bandwidth are reduced, and the cost is saved.

10. Rich media support

  Support video, picture, audio, web, live, document, weather, subtitles, time and other elements to support the editing of interactive programs.