IoT becomes the key to create smart transportation

- Dec 16, 2020-

To create smart transportation, the networking of the Internet of Things has become the key to the development of new business formats.

In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization, the continuous increase of urban population and the continuous release of travel and transportation demand have not only accelerated the construction of urban traffic, but also spawned many traffic problems. Including traffic congestion, accidents and pollution, they all pose major threats to people's production and life. In this context, the concept of smart transportation has begun to be put forward and practiced.

"Wisdom": Relying on a variety of information technologies such as the Internet, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, with the wisdom of people and vehicles, people-oriented, sustainable development and other connotations, it is oriented to transportation services.

"Sharing": Using modern information technologies such as the Internet, with the sharing of use rights as the main feature, integrating massive and decentralized resources to meet diverse needs.

STEPS strengthens traffic supervision

As we all know, various traffic problems are emerging in an endless stream. In addition to the failure of traffic construction to keep up with the increasing travel demand, the fundamental reason is the actual lack of traffic supervision. On the one hand, my country’s police resources are limited and cannot achieve full coverage of traffic management. On the other hand, my country’s transportation infrastructure is also very complex, which imposes high requirements on traffic supervision, which makes supervision difficult.

A breakthrough to solve existing traffic problems. With the advancement of urbanization and the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles, urban road traffic has continued to increase, various traffic problems have emerged, and new transportation formats have become an inevitable trend; new transportation formats can ensure traffic safety, ease congestion problems, and reduce traffic accidents .

STEPS upgrade transportation service

In terms of transportation services, the networking value brought by the Internet of Things is also very significant. In the traditional traffic experience, people are often disappointed because of traffic jams, no place to park, and queuing through high-speed lanes. However, after the introduction of the Internet of Things technology, these problems can be effectively solved through the networking of various links, thereby greatly improving people's traffic service experience and feelings.

The rapid development of network communication technology provides strong technical support for the development of new forms of transportation. The Internet of Things comprehensively perceives the construction of transportation infrastructure and transportation vehicles, and monitors the operation of the entire transportation. Big data fully excavates and utilizes the value of information data, revitalizes existing data, performs application and evaluation, and serves the management and decision-making of the transportation department. Cloud computing provides a new model for the storage of various types of traffic data. The establishment of a "traffic cloud" breaks the "information island" and thoroughly realizes the sharing of information resources and system interconnection. The mobile Internet can realize the smooth transmission and exchange of information among various modes of transportation, so as to achieve a reasonable layout, coordination and efficient operation of various modes of transportation.

STEPS perfects the transportation format

Of course, in addition to its role in traffic management and services, the development of networking is also conducive to improving the existing business formats of transportation. At this stage, transportation has become more abundant and diverse, and there are more and more travel options. The development of transportation shows a trend of diversification and multiple formats, including the emergence of smart cars, new energy vehicles, and shared cars, which have changed the development of transportation. It's getting more complicated.

In addition, the Internet of Things is more conducive to promoting the development of emerging formats. The main example is the networking of smart buses and autonomous vehicles. Regardless of the former or the latter, the intelligent control of vehicles, roads, and the environment can be realized through the Internet of Things, thereby realizing effective supervision, scheduling and scheduling of vehicle operations. At present, the networking brought about by the Internet of Things has become the key to the development of new business formats.

Urban construction and transportation go first. Transportation is the artery of urban economic development. Smart transportation is an important part of smart city construction. Through the Internet of Things, improve the transportation environment, ensure traffic safety and improve resource utilization efficiency. With the promotion of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, the Internet of Everything will then be transformed into an intelligence of all things. For manufacturers that face the wireless connection of the Internet of Things, the development prospects will be further released.

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