Is there any ready for 5G

- Dec 25, 2018-

At the "Global Mobile Broadband Forum" held in London last week, many delegates expressed their views in their speeches. At first glance, there were great differences. Which Huawei believes that "5G is ready", British Telecom that "I am not really building a 5G network", China Telecom said "5G technology is still plagued". Why is the understanding of 5G maturity so inconsistent?


The reason is that the perspective of 5G is different.


I have introduced such a viewpoint on many occasions: the contacts between telecom operators and customers can be divided into two categories, one is called business, which is the various services provided by the communication network, such as making calls, surfing the Internet, texting, etc.; One type of service is called the service provided by the telecom operator, including billing, payment, and customer service calls.


In the communication network equipment vendors, as well as the groups engaged in communication network work in the operators, if the business runs, it is even "ready"; but for the operators responsible for the market and operation of the telecom operators, the characters are not yet Hey. Therefore, from the overall perspective of the operator, it is only an experimental network or even a trial commercial network to verify some functions of 5G. There is no market strategy, no tariff pricing, lack of upper-level application, lack of overall evaluation of economic benefits, and certainly not "ready". .


Different roles have different understandings of "ready". Does it help operators to accelerate toward "ready"? Objectively speaking, both equipment vendors and third-party consulting companies can only play a role in assisting the staff. The preparation work depends mainly on the operators themselves. At this time, operators are killing in the traditional communications market. If they still spend their main energy on the current competition, how many moods will be discussed with the industry to create a better future?


Then the question comes: Under such a situation, is it possible to accelerate the process of 5G "ready"? My personal suggestion is: pull the partners of the industry chain together with the operators to accelerate the maturity and innovation of 5G. The previous industry chain is a segment, each link is only relatively familiar with its upstream and downstream, so the communication efficiency is low, even if you see business opportunities, and if you can carry out the construction and operation of 5G ecology in a larger scope. It will help all parties to strengthen cooperation and expand their brains. After all, the power of 5G is a physical industry that telecom operators are not familiar with. More discussion may have an effect.


In the past few generations of mobile communication development, some telecom operators have used the first-mover advantage to open up the gap with competitors, and some operators have spent huge costs in trial and error, which makes it easy for latecomers to win. Now that 5G is in front of the world, or radical or secure, each family has its own reason. But one thing I firmly believe is that moving towards 5G is an industry trend, and opportunities are often for those who are prepared.

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