OBD remote monitoring of heavy diesel vehicles

- Dec 18, 2020-

Motor vehicle emissions are one of the important sources of urban air pollution. According to relevant data, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from diesel vehicles account for 68.3% and 77.8% of total vehicle emissions respectively. Therefore, with the emergence of exhaust pollution, the implementation of the installation of OBD equipment on heavy diesel vehicles has become one of the important measures to win the blue sky defense war in our town.

OBD is the abbreviation of On-Board Diagnostic in English, translated as "automatic diagnosis system on board", that is, a system that monitors the operating status of the engine and the operating status of the exhaust gas after-treatment module at any time. At the same time, once it is found that it may cause excessive emissions, it will immediately Issue a warning; by installing OBD equipment on heavy-duty diesel vehicles, vehicle owners can grasp various parameters of vehicle driving at any time, realize long-term dynamic monitoring of vehicle emissions, and facilitate timely repair and maintenance of vehicles, thereby causing pollution to heavy diesel vehicles Emissions have been effectively improved.

The whole set of equipment adopts vehicle-level design, integrating J1939 CAN bus protocol data, VPN encryption, 4G cellular network (4G Industrial Router offers ethernet service), GPS satellite positioning, FLASH storage and other functions. It is installed and applied on heavy diesel vehicles to collect, store and transmit vehicle OBD information And engine emissions data.

Yinghua R68 4G LTE In-vehicle Industrial Router is integrated with 2 Ethernet ports, and IPSec VPN protocols, also GPS positioning, much suitable in OBD applications.