PLC remote control solutions

- Dec 24, 2020-

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology has prompted the traditional manufacturing industry to undergo fundamental changes. The use of Internet of Things technology to realize remote monitoring, remote fault diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools is beneficial to both CNC machine tool manufacturers and operation and maintenance companies. Good.

1. Solution

The remote operation and maintenance program of CNC machine tools uses sensor technology to install sensors (temperature sensors, voltage sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, displacement sensors, and laser sensors) on CNC machine tools to detect the motion axes, tools, and other mechanical or electrical components of CNC machine tools. The operating status of the components, the temperature, vibration, sound and other information of the various components of the CNC machine tool are collected in time. The collection device transmits the detected various status data to the 4G industrial router and other transmission devices, and then the transmission device passes wired or The wireless network uploads to the cloud equipment monitoring server, and the server stores, analyzes, and counts the data, displays the operating state parameters of the CNC machine tool in a configuration manner in real time, and informs relevant operation and maintenance personnel of alarm information in time. After abnormal alarm analysis, timely grasp the operating status of the equipment and eliminate hidden dangers, so as to avoid the production shutdown due to equipment failure and cause greater losses to customers.

2. Program advantages

1. Edge computing function

Support remote control function, realize data collection, data monitoring, data filtering, data security protection, data storage, data upload, remote upload and download functions;

2. A variety of networking methods

Support Ethernet, 4G, WiFi, mobile phone hotspots and other networking methods to provide different access solutions for different applications.

3. Wide protocol compatibility

Support a variety of industrial equipment protocols and international standard protocols in the industrial field, such as Modbus, etc., so that the equipment can be easily connected.

4. Fault self-healing

Support automatic redial of network disconnection, fault self-healing; provide fault line link redundancy, multi-level link detection mechanism to ensure equipment online.

5. Security protection

Support firewall function to ensure device network security features;

6. Cloud configuration

One-stop complete terminal equipment data collection, real-time control, group management, configuration design and other functions.

7. Intelligent maintenance

Perform remote maintenance on each machine tool to realize remote diagnosis and remote control. The download program is automatically updated for on-site equipment, and operation and maintenance personnel can solve the problem in time without going to the site.