Real-time monitoring in Ground Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

- Nov 13, 2018-

A prospective study was conducted to determine if emergency vehicle driver risk behavior could be improved with an onboard computer-monitoring device, with real time auditory feedback.

Usually 4-5 cameras and DVR are installed in Emergency Medical Service vehicles, and in-vehilce 4G router is used to transmit real-time video and audio to emergency center. The center will track the vehicles’ location and situation, also doctors in the center can monitor the first aid process.

Real-time Monitoring in EMS vehiclesIt will improve the management and dispatch of the EMS vehicles, improve the ability to quickly and accurately handle emergencies; shorten the corresponding time for rescuing and improve the city's emergency response capability; complete video files, increase the transparency of first-aid behaviors, and clarify the responsibility relationship; Restricted by geography and network, real-time remote control of the whole process of first aid; strengthen the organization, coordination and management of on-site disposal of mass incidents; prevent safety accidents, improve the hidden danger forecast function of vehicles; effectively standardize the workflow of medical personnel and improve supervision ability; Advanced transmission mode to reduce operating costs.

Why choose Meizo In-vehicle 4G Router in the project?

  1. Industrial grade design, CPU using Broadcom chipset

  2. DC7-36V power input, passed car power tests

  3. APN, VPDN, VPN protocol supported

  4. Integrated with WAN, LAN, WIFI, Serial services

  5. Working well under -40~+80℃

  6. Widely used in Mobile Surveillance, Remote Control systems

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