Real-time management and monitoring on concrete mixing station

- Sep 04, 2019-

The concrete mixing station not only needs real-time management and monitoring of the mixer, but also needs to monitor the site and carry out environmental management of noise and dust in the big environment. Intelligent monitoring of some main parameters of the mixer main engine, the speed of the oil in the pump is too high, if it is not stopped in time, the speed reducer and the lubrication pump will be damaged; the oil pressure inside the hydraulic pump will cause the oil pipe to burst; the hydraulic oil, When the gear oil and lubricating oil are low, the service life of hydraulic pump, reducer and lubricated chest will be shortened. At the same time, the data of each concrete produced by the mixing station (aggregate ratio, cement content, fly ash content, water-to-binder ratio, blending ratio, mixing output, etc.) is compared with the process requirements of the pre-entry system. When the production quality does not meet the requirements of the specification, the system automatically warns, prompting the relevant responsible person to make timely adjustments.

By installing industrial-grade data acquisition hardware terminals in the control room of the cement concrete mixing station, and realizing the real-time and automatic acquisition of the real data of each batch of production materials with the corresponding software; and relying on the wireless transmission terminal to delay the data without delay through the wireless transmission terminal Send to the system center database.

The concrete mixer contains an intelligent monitoring box, and the sensing layer is a mixer. The body is provided with a speed reducer, a hydraulic pump and a lubrication pump. The utility model is characterized by a hydraulic chest liquid level sensor and a temperature sensor of the oil level in the hydraulic pump. The sensor or PLC is connected to the industrial 4G router, and the data transmission terminal transmits the data to the cloud platform through the wireless 2G/3G/4G network. The management center client data is visualized, and the system strictly monitors the concrete production process according to the project design requirements and other indicators. Real-time monitoring of data in the production process, real-time analysis and uploading.

Strictly monitor the aggregate ratio, cement content, fly ash content, water-to-binder ratio, mixing output, blending ratio and other data in the production process for the production process, and have the features of real-time alarm, which can pass many There are ways to view and alert data.

Data collection such as outdoor monitors, dust sensors, and noise sensors are collected through digital transmission terminals, integrated data management with mixers, production processes, and unified platform applications.

Real-time management and monitoring on concrete mixing station