First self-driving intelligent network-connected highway test section in China started

- Apr 12, 2019-

This morning, the first self-driving intelligent network-connected highway test section in China - Qilu Transportation Intelligent Network Joint Highway Test Base and R&D Center Project started in Jinan

In accordance with the technical standards of the automatic driving test base formulated by the Ministry of Transport, through the transformation of highway infrastructure, multiple intelligent roadside sensing units such as laser radar, microwave radar, panoramic monitoring, road surface sensing, weather monitoring, and intelligent traffic guidance signs are added. With the information release equipment, the road infrastructure factor resources and the traffic environment perception are fully digitized, and the intelligent network connected vehicles are provided with rich sensing data. Through network transformation, build a multi-mode heterogeneous vehicle networking system covering the entire highway test base, including 5G, LTE-V, 4G-LTE, DSRC, WIFI and EUHT, and build 50 5G base stations and monitoring radar sensing devices along the line. To meet high-speed low-latency data communication and high-definition video transmission between car-vehicle/vehicle-road/vehicle-human. Through digital transformation, 3D digital modeling is carried out to establish a high-precision road and scene model. The model can display the full view of the highway test base and the details of the moving target in real time, providing real-time high-precision map navigation and dynamic traffic for the self-driving vehicle. Target information. Through the construction of the intelligent road network management and service platform, we will build a standardized intelligent road network management and control platform. To realize the comprehensive digitalization of road infrastructure elements, the interconnection of “people, passengers and passengers”, and the use of data management and decision-making to provide all-round support for the operation of vehicles, and to build a highway intelligent brain.