The difference between industrial wireless routers and DTU:

- Sep 26, 2018-

1, the shape and the port is not the same

Industrial wireless routers provide a variety of network interfaces for data access. DTU generally provides serial access.

2, the use of different ways

Industrial wireless routers can convert standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocols, wireless and wired interfaces, or Ethernet and Fieldbus communication protocols. Only need the IP address of the terminal network port as the gateway, terminal equipment must use the specified IP address or the address in the specified IP address segment, in order to and specify the IP address of the server host or IP address segment of the server host for data exchange, all other non-configured addresses can not communicate.

The use of the DTU is used to dial, not to make a real sense of the gateway, such as the serial interface DTU in the access terminal equipment to complete the dial, as a terminal device of a new network equipment, the address of the terminal equipment using the new network device binding address;

3. Different application situations

Industrial routers can support APN/VPDN private network, on the basis of a special network to add a layer of encryption, more suitable for applications in traffic monitoring, security monitoring, financial self-service terminal networking, street lighting monitoring, power monitoring, such as the need for a huge amount of data real-time transmission occasions. DTU is suitable for applications in the field terminal transmission distance dispersion, the appropriate data communication rate of occasions, in general, the DTU real-time, can meet the requirements of most industry applications. However, for some specific applications, it may not be appropriate to tolerate an average delay of about 1-2 seconds.