The gas well remote monitoring system

- Jan 12, 2021-

Wellhead data acquisition and remote shut-off well control system is the basic technology to realize the digitalization of data acquisition and management. The gas well remote monitoring system is mainly through the real-time detection of wellhead parameters, using the polling-response communication method, and wirelessly transmitting the detected gas well status to the gas production plant real-time database server, enables all departments of production management to grasp the working status of gas wells in time, shorten the time for gas well failure processing, increase the rate of well opening, increase gas production, and improve work efficiency. The wellhead controller collects gas well instantaneous flow under standard conditions, accumulated flow under standard conditions, accumulated flow under working conditions, instantaneous flow under working conditions, oil pressure, casing pressure, well status, flowmeter pressure, flowmeter temperature and other parameters, through the 4G LTE network, The 4G wireless industrial router can be connected to the communication machine and real-time database server of the gas production plant through 4G LTE dedicated line. The central processor of the plant can use a browser or client to connect Real-time database access.

Main function 

(1) When abnormal conditions such as overpressure/underpressure at the wellhead occur, timely safety cut-off protection is implemented for gas wells;

(2) Air pressure, casing pressure, wellhead remote opening/closing device information, and flowmeter information are automatically collected, and the electronic well patrol system takes pictures and monitors the wellsite and transmits wirelessly;

(3) Realize remote control shut-in; in the low-pressure production stage of gas wells, under certain technological design parameters, realize remote control shut-in of gas wells.

Data acquisition system composition

Wellhead equipment: pressure sensor, flow meter, RTU, 4G wireless industrial router, solar power supply system, antenna, remote opening and closing device, camera monitoring device.

Station equipment: digital transmission radio, omnidirectional antenna, master control machine.

Data collection and transmission: air pressure, casing pressure, remote opening and closing device information, flow meter information (pressure, temperature, instantaneous production, cumulative production), well site photos.