vehicle violation automatic capture system

- Jun 19, 2019-

The vehicle violation automatic capture system to achieve traffic violations for evidence collection is an effective means of investigating and banting the red light of motor vehicles. It uses electronic technology developed by modern high-tech technologies such as vehicle detection technology, signal control technology, computer technology, image digital processing technology, and communication technology. It is usually installed at urban traffic intersections. It takes 24 hours a day to shoot motor vehicles that violate the red light. Photographs It is transmitted back to the traffic police command center database in real time through the industrial 4G LTE router network. Provide an objective and accurate basis for the traffic police department to deal with such violations.

The high-definition red light electronic police system is mainly composed of video detection and capture equipment (HD camera, LED fill light), red light signal detector, intelligent terminal manager, maintenance-free terminal manager and so on. The combination of video detection and red light signal detectors realizes the diversification of video detection illegal types and reduces the constraints of environmental conditions on video detection. The system can complete traffic light status detection, motor vehicle violation behavior detection, vehicle speed detection, illegal picture capture, front-end video storage, front-end equipment alarm, front-end equipment automatic fault repair, strobe light intelligent control, illegal record local storage, related information network upload, etc. task.

System Features

1. Embedded industrial-grade design: embedded high-definition camera, industrial 4G LTE router, embedded intelligent terminal manager, industrial-grade fanless design, outdoor all-weather protection level, stable system operation and continuous data;

2, maintenance-free front-end equipment intelligent management: centralized management of front-end network equipment, can automatically determine equipment failure and automatic processing, greatly reducing system maintenance costs, reducing maintenance workload;

3. Real-time alarm of fault status: The fault status of the front-end equipment power-off, network disconnection, cabinet high temperature, abnormal opening of the cabinet door, etc., is timely fed back to the integrated management platform, and information is released, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to quickly and accurately diagnose system faults;

4. Rich comprehensive management: The self-developed intelligent transportation integrated management platform has rich application functions and powerful data analysis capabilities. Traffic guidance, electronic maps, control comparison, traffic statistics, etc. meet the individual needs of users;

5, image processing optimization: automatic exposure gain and image processing technology, with automatic polarizer control device, optimize the picture effect of each time period, improve backlight, glare, night pictures.

vehicle violation automatic capture system