Wireless to wired solutions

- Dec 05, 2018-

When planning and deploying monitoring systems, long-distance wiring operations are an important consideration because not only is the construction complicated, the installation and maintenance costs are increased, and even in the use environment, the overhead crane is hung above the route. The ground has a weighbridge to weigh the goods, or the detection point is on the mobile device. These factors will cause difficulties in wiring, and a large amount of wire will also cause waste of resources. Therefore, how to reduce wiring has become an important topic in the field of automation, and manufacturers are striving to find solutions. In view of this, Meizo Networks has been committed to the research of wireless technology and integrated solutions for wireless monitoring technology in recent years, including WLAN, , 2G/3G and 4G LTE.

1.     4G LTE to Ethernet solutions

More and more PLC and other machines are using Ethernet interface. It has great benefits and extends the Ethernet application if 4G LTE technology can be applied in Ethernet application. According to this issue, we develop Ethernet 4G LTE Router for users to apply in their Ethernet application.

2.     4G LTE to WLAN solutions

In some applications, user’s devices are installed separately, but these devices are in a small area. To decrease the cost, we can use 1pc R68 industrial 4G wireless router, and all devices can connect R68’s WiFi SSID, and output via 1 4G router.

3.     4G LTE to Serial solutions

Some PLCs are using serial interface, and working with standard TCP/IP protocol. So we design a RS232/S485 interface on the R68 4G LTE M2M router. It is easy to convert serial RS-232/485 to 4G LTE network instead of running a wire.

Wireless to Wired solutions