Smart Building Solutions

Smart Building Solutions

Low carbon, green and energy conservation are the main themes of the current society. Relevant reports show that the proportion of global energy consumption from building construction has reached 48%. The building energy monitoring and management system is an information-based energy management...
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    Low carbon, green and energy conservation are the main themes of the current society. Relevant reports show that the proportion of global energy consumption from building construction has reached 48%. The building energy monitoring and management system is an information-based energy management and control system that helps construction and industrial production enterprises monitor and rationally plan and utilize energy, reduce unit energy consumption, and later track and evaluate design and construction objectives, and improve management level. An important product of the full process energy management "Internet +" goal. The “Smart Energy Cloud Platform” takes energy management intelligence as the core and uses effective means to achieve safe, orderly and economical use of energy in industrial parks, schools/hospitals and public buildings.

    The smart energy energy-saving service cloud platform can provide users with safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient working and living environment by implementing comprehensive automatic monitoring and management of various equipments in the building, and making the whole system and its All kinds of equipment are in the best working condition, so as to extend the life of electromechanical equipment in the building, reduce the management cost and reduce the overall energy consumption of the building. It is a modern, information and intelligent equipment management system.

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Function introduction

1. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

Using flow chart configuration, virtual reality and other technologies, in real-time, the monitoring nodes, such as air compressors, frequency converters, building air conditioners, and other real-time operating parameters of water and electricity, as well as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity illuminance and other environmental parameters, can be real-time. Query and display the current on/off status of all devices in the query range.

2. Statistical analysis of energy consumption data

Energy consumption data is calculated by time, day, month, year, or different regions, or different energy categories, or different types of energy-consuming equipment. Analyze the total energy consumption, energy consumption per unit area and energy consumption per capita, standard coal conversion, and historical trends. After comparing energy data in the same period, automatically generate real-time curves, historical curves, forecast curves, real-time reports, historical reports, and daily/ Monthly reports and other materials provide a basis for energy conservation management, provide data analysis for technology energy conservation, and predict energy consumption trends.

3. Provide fault inquiry, expert energy-saving diagnosis and energy-saving scheme

The building energy-saving intelligent cloud platform uses the deep learning data mining algorithm, combined with the energy consumption structure and business characteristics of the building, predicts the energy consumption, visually displays it in a curved manner, and optimizes the operational control parameters of the equipment, while at the same time for managers and decision makers. Provides support for energy decision making, energy allocation, and energy efficiency optimization. The system is equipped with a database of expert advice, which can automatically generate expert recommendation reports according to user energy consumption and energy consumption indicators, and comprehensively reflect users' energy conservation awareness and management level.

    4G technology plays an important role in Smart Building solutions, because 4G network has a fast speed and good signal covering. Our industrial 4g wireless router has been widely used in such projects. The 4G rugged router has  following advantages to compare with common 4G SIM card router:

    ● Industrial grade design, 7*24h*365d continuous working

    ● Support public and private APN network

    ● ADSL(WAN port supports PPPOE, DHCP, Static IP) and 3G/4G backup. The router detects a network problem and fails over to a standby 3G/4G, ensuring the customer’s SLAs are upheld.

    ● Dedicated hardware and software watchdog are designed to support system running reliable.

    ● ICMP detection and Heartbeat detection ensure the router to be always on line.

    ● Reboot the router remotely via SMS.

    ● Incorporate Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), facilitating 3G/4G WAN backup services to existing fixed line routers, providing both WAN and router redundancy to critical business applications.

    ● Offers business grade security and advanced routing features IPSec (3Des and AES), L2TP, PPTP, GRE as standard.

    ● Low-voltage, over current, over voltage, anti-reverse protection

    ● Wide Power Input DC7-36V

    ● Standard RS232/485 interface to connect with serial devices.

    ● Router Factory Default Settings can be configured freely.

    ● System logs can be viewed from local or remote.

    ● Support WLAN(300Mbps 802.11b/g/n)

    ● Support SNMP v1/v2/v3

    ● LEDS for status monitoring (showing Power, System, Internet, VPN, Signal strength).

    For more info about the industrial 4g wireless router, please refer to:

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