Airstream And AT&T Launch New 4G LTE System For Camping Trailers

- Mar 11, 2019-

Travel trailer company Airstream recently announced that it has partnered with AT&T to provide operators with 4G LTE data plans for operators. The new service, Airstream Connected, can be used to add mobile broadband access to any of the company's coaches and trailers.

Its Airstream Connected system includes an external high-gain antenna mounted on the trailer roof, as well as a mobile router and GPS locator. Customers who install the system can use the associated Airstream Connect mobile app to manage their services.

The system works with the AT&T Mobile Data Program to provide high-speed Internet access to travelers and permanent campers without the need for fixed smartphones and small hotspot devices. However, this system is not cheap.

According to Airstream, its new Airstream Connected product will be sold exclusively through the company's US distributor for $999. The system must be professionally installed and the professional installation is not included in the price of the system. Similarly, the data plan itself is also charged separately.

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