5G Buses Come- High-definition Live Broadcast, Intelligent Monitoring And High-speed Wi-Fi

- May 14, 2019-

Guangzhou's first batch of 5G buses settled in: high-definition live broadcast, intelligent monitoring and high-speed Wi-Fi

On the morning of May 13, the first batch of 5G bus trial operation activities in Guangzhou was held in the Baiyun District Private Science and Technology Park. Guangzhou Bus Group Second Automobile Company 563 line will be the first batch of 5G bus trial operation in the city. At the same time, the first 5G bus dispatching station in Guangzhou, the private science and technology park terminus, was also announced.

5G technology can bring many changes to the bus. The vehicle is equipped with intelligent dispatching and video recording integrated machine, which can realize real-time monitoring of the full-channel 8-channel full HD video through 5G technology. The image is clear, smooth and without jamming. It solves the problem of slow video transmission and blurred picture caused by the current 4G network environment. , multi-channel video can not be synchronized and other problems. The high-definition video is transmitted back to the cloud back-end in real time, and the relevant unit departments can timely perform operational scheduling and comprehensive security pre-judgment.

5G technology can also add eyes to the vehicle, create a comprehensive, efficient, high-quality control platform, and then achieve grid, closed-loop, flat security management. According to reports, the background can use the high-definition video data to intelligently analyze the driver's operating behavior in real time, and timely and effectively educate the driver to reduce the security risk.

At the same time, relying on 5G technology, bus companies can collect and analyze the electronic data of bus vehicles in real time through the vehicle cloud bus system, accurately grasp the technical status of the vehicle and record the driver's operation actions throughout the whole process, thus improving the safe driving and energy-saving driving level of the enterprise. Based on these electronic data, a more reasonable and energy-saving man-car scheduling scheme can be selected, a more effective vehicle maintenance plan can be formulated, and the intelligent maintenance material system can be used to achieve vehicle resource utilization and efficiency improvement.

According to reports, 5G technology can also realize high-definition real-time transmission of car video, VR remote maintenance and first-aid linkage, one-button alarm and other applications.

In addition, if there is an emergency in the passenger car operation process, when the bus length can be connected to the command center through 5G, the 4K picture inside the car will be transmitted to the hospital in real time, and the hospital will remotely guide the car personnel to carry out emergency treatment. At the same time, passengers can use the terminal equipment such as mobile phones to connect to the car on the 5G bus to experience the high speed of the 5G network.

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