5G Empowers Smart Campus And Opens The Next Generation Of Immersive Experience

- Oct 10, 2019-

5G empowers smart campus and opens the next generation of immersive experience

As a professional company set up by China Mobile for the mobile Internet, Mi Wei is responsible for the five major digital content operations of music, video, reading, games and animation. At the same time, it is deeply involved in vertical fields such as Internet sports and performing arts. Under the 5G commercial era, China Mobile will realize the 5G ultra-high-definition digital content industry innovation development plan, focusing on promoting 5G ultra-high-definition video, 5G ultra-high-definition video ring tones, 5G fast game three innovative applications, this campus special recruitment meeting site, The five major scenes of the 5G ultra-high-definition innovation applications were unveiled, allowing the students on the spot to experience the cutting-edge 5G technology at a distance.

Around the 5G ultra-high-definition video business, the 5G true 4K ultra-high definition video demonstration of the football match was held at the event, which attracted the attention of many students on the spot. Under the guarantee of China Mobile's 5G high-speed network, the resolution of the true 4K football game played on the 4K big screen is as high as 3840X2160, which is equivalent to 4 times the resolution of the common 1080P HD screen on the market. The high resolution, high frame rate and high dynamic range brought by China Mobile's 4K technology make the picture quality finer, smoother and more realistic. The wide color gamut, high color depth and 3D panoramic sound make the color richer and more precise. The sound is more spatial and sense of orientation. The students watching the game can't help but sigh: it's too clear! Even the water drops on the lawn can be seen clearly!

At the same time, the 5G ultra-high-definition video ring tones displayed by China Mobile's Mi Wei also attracted many students. Ultra-high-definition video ring tones integrate 5G black technology, bringing 60 frames of original painting new visual, full HD, super smooth experience. At the same time, ultra-high-definition video ring tones combines AI smart editing, "second look" and "second cut", one-click set exclusive video Ring tones. The scene also showed a key to set Jay Chou's new song MV "Say no cry" as a personalized video ring tones, enjoy the new gameplay of 5G era video calls.

In addition, 5G fast games are also very popular among students. 5G Fast Game is the next-generation game platform built by China Mobile's mobile game technology based on cloud game technology. It realizes the three major experience innovations of game cloud running, no download, and point-and-click play. The ultra-high-definition picture quality of 4K 60-frame video stream has won the same praise.