5G + Industrial + Internet Application

- Oct 16, 2019-

On October 12th, in China Coal West Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., a 4K high-definition camera drone successfully completed the 5G drone inspection work in the company's factory, and the coal chemical air separation unit was gasified through 5G network. The 4K high-definition video signal of the device is transmitted to the large screen of the company dispatching room in real time. This marks Yulin's first application in the province to achieve the "5G + industrial + Internet application" scenario.

It is reported that in order to speed up the construction of “China's energy valley” and promote the application of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 5G technology in Yulin, Yulin City decided to launch some 5G scenario application pilots first, and the municipal development and reform committee will lead the coordination. China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., Huawei's Shaanxi Representative Office, and China Telecom Yulin Branch jointly signed the “5G Application Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement”, and established a 5G application research laboratory to propose a 5G energy-based enterprise based on enterprise needs. The scenario application pilot program explores related technologies such as the 5G campus inspection service, and completes the 5G network deployment and optimization of the campus through Huawei's industry-leading 5G network technology, providing valuable experience for the 5G technology application in Yulin City. In the next step, the three parties will combine the needs of enterprises to build 5G smart parks, high-end 5G drone inspections in the sea, coal mines, 5G unmanned driving, 5G robot mining and other projects.