Is 5G Really In Demand?

- Dec 24, 2018-

Is 5G really in demand?

Since the concept of 5G has appeared, there have been doubts about 5G technology. The most important one is that 4G can theoretically support wireless rates of up to 150Mbps (4G+ is 300Mbps), even if it is not used in actual use. The theoretical value also basically satisfies people's demand for mobile data communication, and the value of 5G speed increase is not big.

The International Organization for Standardization (3GPP) defines three core features in 5G, which correspond to three major scenarios. Among them, eMBB is enhanced mobile broadband, corresponding to ultra-high-speed wireless connection; mMTC is large-capacity, mainly corresponding to the application scenario of IoT services; and uRLLC emphasizes low latency and high reliability, mainly addressing driverless and Problems in areas such as industrial automation.

Obviously, these features are application scenarios that can solve the problem of the current digital tools. However, realizing its design philosophy, generating commercial value, technology maturity and cost factors are inseparable problems. If the technology is unstable, even if there are ideal theoretical values and laboratory cases, it is difficult to promote commercial use; and if the network construction cost and maintenance cost do not come, it takes a lot of money to use 5G, then 5G may become an unattainable It was spent in the moonlight in the water.

So the first question becomes: What is the state of 5G's characteristics in terms of technology maturity, can we control the cost within a reasonable range?

3GPP announced the release of the R15 version in June this year. This version is mainly for the eMBB and uRLLC scenarios, but it is also a complete 5G standard system, which means that the technical preparation for scale commercialization has come to an end, and network equipment can be produced based on the R15 standard. Chips, mobile phones and a variety of smart hardware. After the version is frozen, can we produce 5G related products with reasonable price and reliable quality, which is the capability problem of each manufacturer.

From an industry perspective, 5G is not the key to solving people's connection needs; but in the early 5G, it may still be dominated by eMBB scenarios. Is this a contradiction? My understanding of this problem is that in addition to the characteristics that customers can perceive 5G also has a lot of low-level technology and network structure to be adjusted, rice should be eaten bit by bit, 5G evolution also takes time and process, thinking of waiting for the 7th buns to eat together, but the result is to keep 6 buns starve. The demand scenario of the future 5G is objective. If you wait until all conditions are met, you will lose your chance.

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