AutoNavi Maps And Alibaba Cloud Launch Smart High-speed Solutions

- Dec 25, 2020-

AutoNavi Maps and Alibaba Cloud launch smart high-speed solutions

During the recent World Transport Conference, AutoNavi Maps and Alibaba Cloud launched a smart high-speed solution. It is understood that this is another "Smart+" solution launched by AutoNavi and Alibaba Cloud for the construction of smart road networks following the launch of the "City Brain" smart transportation last year. It is expected to cover ten provinces and cities in the next year. , To reduce the highway holiday congestion by 20%.

Dong Zhenning, vice president of AutoNavi Maps, said that the main pain points facing my country's high-speed travel are safety and congestion. The main reasons are the imbalanced road network utilization, insufficient data value mining, lack of collaborative management platforms, and insufficient accident prevention and disposal efficiency. . Therefore, establishing a sufficient connection between the highway network and traffic data, keeping all information in a cloud, and realizing the dispatch and coordination of a global perspective, will be an effective way to solve the existing high-speed transportation problems.

The reporter learned that the core of the smart high-speed solution is the automatic traffic incident detection function. This function is based on the image recognition capability of Alibaba Cloud artificial intelligence, which can quickly identify the abnormal congestion, accident and other event information scanned by the high-speed camera, and Analyze, classify, and transmit to the high-speed management system and AutoNavi Map APP in the first time to promptly remind the managers and travel users to make corresponding decisions. This artificial intelligence-based automatic traffic incident detection function has gradually replaced the manual investigation mode, and will greatly improve the ability to detect, release, and handle abnormal incidents in the road network.

Based on big data fusion and computing capabilities, Wisdom Express also realizes the function of restoring real road conditions. On the one hand, the real-time road conditions of the Internet map itself are integrated with the real road conditions scanned by the high-speed camera to achieve accurate traffic display; on the other hand, the intelligent high-speed system recognizes and analyzes the road conditions transmitted by the high-speed camera, if it finds abnormal In the event of congestion, real pictures will be automatically taken. According to reports, in the future, AutoNavi Map will not only provide users with more realistic real-time road conditions in the cooperative expressway area, but also provide users with real-time pictures of road conditions in the dynamic event function, so that road congestion is "clear" at a glance.

In addition, the smart high-speed solution also realizes the function of predicting future road conditions. With the analysis capabilities of the traffic big data of AutoNavi Maps, Smart Expressway can predict road congestion during holidays and the road conditions in the next half an hour, so that managers can make safeguards in advance. At the same time, when managers predict that a certain road section is prone to congestion, they can also use the authoritative route recommendation function of Smart Expressway to inform passing users through AutoNavi map in advance, thereby alleviating traffic congestion.

Xiao Lu, vice president of Alibaba Cloud Smart China, said that Alibaba Cloud will use domestic leading cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT and other technologies for the construction of smart highways, and jointly build a comprehensive perception Intelligent high-speed solutions that integrate source data, intelligent decision-making, efficient collaboration, and convenient travel provide efficient services for high-speed managers and travelers.

Dong Zhenning said that after the launch of the smart high-speed solution, AutoNavi Map and Alibaba Cloud will open cooperation with high-speed management to make China's highway network smarter. It is planned that the smart highway solution will be implemented on the highway network of 10 provinces and cities in the coming year. The goal is to reduce the road congestion of Hezuo Expressway by 20% during holidays and reduce the second accident by 20%.

At present, in the field of smart transportation, in addition to smart high-speed solutions, AutoNavi Maps has also launched two solutions: urban brain, smart transportation and smart bus. It is reported that the urban brain. Smart transportation solution is mainly aimed at the travel scenarios of urban roads, creating products and functions such as escort all the way and smart traffic lights. Smart bus solutions are mainly aimed at urban public transportation travel scenarios, and smart bus station products will be launched in cities such as Nanjing and Harbin.