What Will Be The Biggest Life Scene Changed By 5G

- Feb 28, 2019-

The significance of 5G to virtual reality (VR/AR)

Virtual reality was once used as a concept for sale. Once the VR head was displayed, it was not only low in quality, but also stunned and delayed. It was criticized by people. But it is undeniable that virtual reality in the game, medical and other aspects, its application space is still very huge. With the advent of 5G, the improvement of sensing technology and computing power, virtual reality may usher in spring. The characteristics of high speed and low latency of 5G are of great significance to the virtual reality scene. At least it can solve the delay of VR products. Technical problem. In the future, maybe the game is like the scene in the movie "Top Player", relying on a VR device, you can have an immersive experience.

5G changes smart home. 

Change one, the smart home control system has improved intelligence. Under the 4G network, one of the main factors restricting the development of smart homes is the slow data transmission speed and slow response speed. Compared with 4G, a major feature of 5G is the significant increase in transmission speed. In theory, the peak speed can reach 10Gb/s. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of data interaction between smart home devices, device and cloud data interaction, and can connect more terminal products, response speed and accuracy have a significant improvement. Therefore, the smart home control system will be more "smart".

Change 2, the "islanding" status of smart home appliances will be broken. At present, most of the smart home appliances, in addition to some of the brand's products can be connected, the other is in the "island" state. Brands and brands can't reach the Internet, and different models of products can't reach the Internet. The so-called "smart home" will become an empty talk. The emergence of 5G, let smart home products interconnect, saw hope. Through the government to lead, international authorities to develop standards, 5G technology is expected to break the situation of the major companies. The network standards will be further unified, and the level of smart home landing will be further improved. The whole house intelligent product interconnection is the first step for 5G to change the smart home.

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