TIM Brasil Leads Market With 65% Of Customers On 4G

- Feb 18, 2019-

Around 62.7 percent of mobile phones (130 million) run on 4G, in Brazil, almost double the number of 3G devices (52 million) and 2G ones (25 million), according to the Teleco consultancy. TIM has the most, with 65 percent of devices on its network using LTE, followed by Vivo (63%), Claro (61%) and Oi (60%). The number of 4G handsets should continue growing in 2019, but net additions should be lower than the 27 million of 2018, while the number of 3G and 2G handsets is expected to continue to decrease.

Postpaid connections represented 43.5 percent of the country's mobile phone base at the end of 2018, with 55.2 percent of those of with Vivo, 41.7 percent with Claro, 36.2 percent with TIM and 27.8 percent with Oi. The segment should continue growing in 2019, driven by the rise of M2M terminals and migration from prepaid to control plans.

Brazil added 4.6 million M2M handsets, ending the year with 19.8 million. This growth should accelerate in 2019 driven by NB-IoT and CAT-M networks. The number of prepaid lines dropped by 19 million to 129.6 million.

Brazil's mobile base has been shrinking since 2014, having lost 51 million mobile phones in the last four years. Last year, it lost 7.3 million mobile phones, but Teleco believes the base may grow again from 2020.

Yinghua Technology put his in-vehicle 4g routers on Brazil market from 2015, and it is widely used in other M2M applications too. The R68 in-vehicle 4G router is Meizo’s new multiservice communications platform for vehicles. It provides 4G/LTE/LTE-A broadband and Wi-Fi with redundancy and aggregation options, advanced network security mechanisms, and an extended operating temperature range.

Based on a ruggedized hardware design, the router is both vibration and dust resistant and features power surge protection, specific mobile software, dynamic configurations (based on location and communications quality data), and has a delayed power off feature. Furthermore, it provides seamless integration with any third party management tool or hotspot platform. 

This high performance platform combines Meizo's CIT software with the latest corporate networking technologies to facilitate service management for large-scale deployments, redundancy, quality of service requirements, access security, and isolation/privacy.

The router CPU is using Broadcom chipset, integrated with industrial grade 4G modem, offering WAN, LAN, SIM, VPN, VRRP, WiFi, and Serial port services, product line supporting the following radio access technologies: LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS, EVDO, EDGE, CDMA2000, GPRS . By owning automatic connection monitoring and heartbeat detection, make sure the router to be always online.

in-vehicle 4g router

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