5G Network-based Cellular Car Networking Technology Will Be Deployed Soon

- Jan 08, 2019-

Ford Motor Company announced on the 7th that it will deploy a 5G network-based cellular car networking technology for new cars listed in the US from 2022, so that cars can “listen” and “early warning”, which will help improve. Road traffic safety conditions improve road traffic efficiency.

Don Butler, executive director of Ford's connected car platform, published a blog post on Ford's official website that day, with the construction and application of 5G network, the car equipped with cellular car networking ("C-V2X") technology does not need to Through the cellular communication tower, it can directly connect with road traffic signal equipment, other vehicles equipped with similar technologies on the road and pedestrians carrying 5G mobile phones, and receive and transmit information such as traffic light changes, vehicles and pedestrian positions in real time, so that the driver can Take measures in advance to effectively prevent red light or collide with other cars and people.

Industry experts say that through the joint application of technologies such as autopilot and driverless, cellular car networking technology is also expected to be applied to future unmanned vehicles.

Meizo Networks introduced his  in-vehicle 4G router for car, bus and trains from 2015. It is mainly used to offer a stable internet access for the whole system. So, the in-vehicle 4g router is a very small part, but it is playing a big role. The main functions of our in-vehicle 4g router are as following:

1. CPU using Broadcom Chipset

2. DC 7-36V power input, passed car power tests

3. Fast dialing, only 50 seconds is required from reboot to access internet

4. Working well under -40~+80

5. Integrated with LAN ,WIFI, Serial services

6. Supports PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, GRE VPN protocols

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