China's IoT Output Value Accounts For A Quarter Of The World, And 5G Users Account For 85% Of The World

- Dec 21, 2020-

On December 20, the 2020 World Internet of Things Conference was held in Beijing. Shi Dinghuan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, former Counselor of the State Council, and former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Science and Technology, introduced in his keynote report that the current global Internet of Things output value is about 15 trillion US dollars. The average annual growth rate is close to 23%, and this growth rate is expected to reach 30% after 2021. By 2025, the global IoT output value will reach 30 trillion US dollars.

He introduced that China is the country with the most Internet of Things application practice and innovation and development, and China accounts for about 1/4 of the global Internet of Things output value; one of the main reasons is that China has completed more than 700,000 5G base stations and is expected to exceed the annual output value this year. 2 trillion yuan.

The data released by Pang Ce, general manager of the Greater China Strategic Cooperation Department of the Global Association for Mobile Communications Systems, at the meeting showed that although there are currently more than 130 operators in more than 50 countries in the world have built commercial 5G networks, the network The number of users in China is still lower than expected. The number of 5G users in China is close to 200 million, accounting for 85% of the global share.