First 5G Wisdom Court Started Construction In Guangzhou

- Apr 04, 2019-

China's first 5G Wisdom Court started construction in Guangzhou

Recently, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court and China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch jointly signed the "Guangzhou 5G Wisdom Court Construction Strategic Cooperation Agreement" and unveiled the first cooperation project "Guangzhou 5G Wisdom Court Joint Lab" It marks the official launch of the country's first 5G Wisdom Court.

This Guangzhou 5G Wisdom Court will introduce 5G technology based on the existing achievements of the Wisdom Court, combined with face recognition, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to promote the remote trial without delay, go out and perform real-time remote command, Remote office handling, VR intelligent security system, etc., to improve litigation services, judicial decisions, internal management quality.

It is understood that the strategic cooperation between the two sides covers the core application of the current 5G technology, and will jointly build a joint laboratory of Guangzhou 5G Wisdom Court, 5G Wisdom Court Future Litigation Service Center, 5G Wisdom Court, 5G Wisdom Execution, 5G+VR Super Clear Live Wait for 8 cooperation projects to promote the deep integration of 5G technology and court litigation services, smart trials, smart trials, smart execution, and smart security.

At present, the 5G base station around the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court is under construction. The indoor 4,000-square-meter litigation service hall and some courts will be able to achieve 5G network coverage in the near future. Good signal coverage will lay a solid foundation for the construction of Guangzhou 5G Wisdom Court.

It is reported that in the middle of next month, Guangzhou Unicom will complete the construction and deployment of 3,000 5G base stations in Guangzhou, and take the lead in completing the 5G signal coverage of the central location of Guangzhou. All 13 courts at the city level are covered by 5G signals.

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