Healthcare Machine To Machine (M2M) Applications

- Dec 20, 2018-

With the further integration of the medical health industry and informatization, information technology has become an important driving force for promoting medical reform. Recently, HeNan Mobile and Meizo Netowrks have fully utilized its massive data storage, ubiquitous mobile network, and high-speed data transmission to create “4G cloud medical care” for HeNan People's Hospital.

 It is understood that "4G Cloud Medical Care" is a hospital information product independently developed by China Mobile. Based on 4G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, it provides end-to-end security protection through professional terminal equipment customization, and provides cloud services for hospitals. Specifically, the system can provide functions such as mobile care, mobile rounds, mobile infusion, and quality control for hospitals, which can greatly facilitate the development of hospital medical care.

Meizo Networks offers the Rugged 4G router RD58 to ensure smooth internet in the projects. The RD58 series is available in a UMTS and LTE version. With LTE, you can achieve higher speed and lower latency.

Dual SIM, an integrated firewall, VPN, 7*24h online, IPV4/IPV6, WIFI and numerous interfaces are only a few additional features of the routers.

More informations—RD58 4G LTE Router

4g dual sim router