Industrial 4G Router Works In Russia Oil Platform

- Nov 29, 2019-

As the largest country in the world, Russia is rich of oil, but also bad environment. How to make maximize efficiency on oil collection platform? Yinghua and its partners introduce 4G remote control solutions.

4G remote digital oil field video 4G wireless monitoring system consists of three parts: front-end image acquisition system (including power supply system), 4G wireless transmission system, back-end monitoring management command system. A set of complete security comprehensive management "4G remote digital oil field wireless monitoring system" solution, which is specifically targeted at the geographical characteristics of the area where the oil well is located, combined with the local geographical environment. The system meets the needs of local monitoring and central networking multi-level networked video surveillance. It can monitor the safety of oilfields in real time for 24 hours, reducing the labor intensity of safety monitoring personnel, providing a strong guarantee for the command of the monitoring center, and enabling dispatchers of monitoring centers at all levels to remotely send live images, intuitive, accurate and timely Understand the actual situation of each work area.

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