Industrial WiFi Router Usage Tips

- Sep 26, 2018-

First, any industrial wireless router WiFi password settings should pay attention to security, remember that the password can not be too simple, so it is easy to leak.


Second, because of industrial-grade wireless router placement, operating environment is special, or even very bad, this time to pay more attention to the surface of the router can not place too much debris, more can not be in the router four weeks to place debris, so it is easy to affect the thermal performance of the device.

Third, industrial-grade routers support different time management, so in the process of setting up, must pay attention to meet the different shift workers working hours. 

Four, for voltage, motor testing must be done, because in the industrial field, the performance of the equipment system needs to be very stable and reliable, in order to long-run, to ensure the daily network needs of its staff.