Low Cost CAT1 4G LTE Router Is Coming

- Aug 17, 2020-

Yinghua R18 series CAT1 4G wireless router will start selling on August 18th, 2020. Adopting the 3GPP Rel.11 LTE technology, it delivers maximum data rates up to 10Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink.It is backward-compatible with existing UMTS/HSPA, EDGE and GSM/GPRS networks, ensuring that it can be connected even in remote areas devoid of 4G or 3G coverage. It can be widely used in M2M and IoT applications such as smart metering, wearable devices, environmental monitoring, asset tracking, fleet management, security and alarm systems, and so on. What is more, its cost will be cut down much. If you have any query, please don't hesitate to contact with us at service@meizonetworks.com.

CAT1 4G LTE Router