The Real 5G Speed In Beijing Metro Line 16

- May 17, 2019-

Beijing Metro Line 16 achieves full coverage of 5G 

Today is May 17th and is also the annual World Telecommunications Day. Last night, China Mobile Beijing Company and Beijing-Hong Kong Metro Co., Ltd. jointly announced that the Beijing Metro Line 16 will realize full coverage of mobile 5G signals and become the first 5G full-cover subway line in the country. Passengers can enjoy 5G network when commuting. The convenient experience greatly enhances the ride experience.

At present, the media has got 5G mobile phones and tested them. According to the test results, the mobile 5G speed rate of Beijing Metro Line 16 is 933Mbps download and 87Mbps upload, which is much higher than the average speed of 4G network, and can complete 5G services such as HD video live broadcast and backhaul, HD video call.