Use 5G And Smart Cloud Monitoring Service Port Epidemic Prevention And Control

- Dec 24, 2020-

Use 5G and Smart Cloud Monitoring service port epidemic prevention and control

In March of this year, the Hebei Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station began to undertake the task of diverting from the Shijiazhuang Airport of Capital Airport’s international flights. During the inspection of international flights, the Hebei Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station took the initiative to ask for time for new technologies and police for new applications. 5G+ smart cloud monitoring, wireless inspection and release and other technical applications, race against time to win the deployment time of information facilities in the temporary inspection and control area of the port, fully guarantee the application requirements for real-time transmission of on-site control information and full-time supervision, and ensure the epidemic prevention and control of inspection tasks All-round, no dead ends, in order to strictly implement closed-loop management, firmly guarding the first pass of preventing foreign imports, and acting as the capital's political "moat" with actual results.

Up to now, more than 400 inbound and outbound flights and more than 20,000 passenger and staff have been inspected, and more than 3,100 pieces of information have been pushed to the joint prevention and control mechanism of Hebei Province to respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, providing strong information support for preventing overseas epidemic input.

Respond quickly to demand and quickly initiate a collaborative guarantee mechanism

In accordance with the port epidemic prevention and control tasks for temporary passenger inspection of regional facilities, full-time monitoring and other closed-loop management environment requirements, Hebei Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station responded quickly, improved various security plans, and performed server, monitoring, network, etc. during service development Each link of technical equipment support has clear requirements. At the same time, the emergency protection mechanism of the cooperative units was launched, and the new technology application experts of relevant guarantee units were closely coordinated to inspect and demonstrate at the inspection site. The information and communication emergency guarantee plan for the temporary inspection area of the port was formulated in accordance with the actual situation, and the Huawei company and the mobile company were actively coordinated to select technical engineers. On-site follow-up guarantees ensure that various control requirements are supported by corresponding technical means.

Quickly complete deployment to ensure seamless connection of management and control information

Aiming at the blind spots of airport inspection site monitoring, we quickly respond to the needs of fixed-point monitoring applications. In temporary inspection areas and stairs, outdoor monitoring facilities are deployed in the mode of "5G + smart monitoring cloud", and the real-time rate of 5G transmission network exceeds 600MB/s. The intelligent monitoring cloud platform required by Equal Protection 2.0 has quickly built a wireless high-speed video network covering the inspection site, Shijiazhuang entry-exit border checkpoints and the general station agency, ensuring the safe and effective transmission of video surveillance and the sharing of resources by the epidemic prevention and control command department. Ensure that all service areas are fully monitored and have no dead ends.

At the same time, it actively docked with the Beijing General Border Inspection Station, activated the wireless inspection and release system, and quickly completed the full coverage of the temporary inspection area. It further shortens the inspection and release time, avoids large-scale personnel contact with passengers, and reduces the risk of infection. The relevant work has been fully affirmed by the Office of the Leading Group of Hebei Province's Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic.