What Do Industrial-grade Wireless Routers Need To Be Aware Of?

- Sep 26, 2018-

1. Stability of industrial-grade 4G routers. Because it is used in unattended situations, the stability of the equipment is very important, which is related to the stability of the whole network data and the realization of the function. The device needs to support software restart and hardware watchdog to ensure long running without condition. 


2. Extensibility of industrial-grade 4G routers. Some 4G industrial routers have only 2 network ports, some do not support the serial port, then in the procurement time to consider the subsequent project compatibility. For example, PLC remote monitoring, in addition to the PLC itself interface, may also use the touch screen, as well as video surveillance, so choose the best choice with a multi-port and serial port of the industrial-grade 4G router. 

3. Price of industrial-grade 4G routers. Due to cost considerations, price is an important factor for many users to consider. The price is too high to exceed the cost budget, the user can not accept. Is the price lower the better? Not really. Low prices mean that products may not be industrial-grade modules, may affect stability, not because of low initial procurement costs, and later maintenance costs are high, not worth the candle. Therefore, a reasonably priced industrial-grade 4G router is important. 

4. Technical support. 4G industrial routers are not like ordinary routers, many projects will use the VPN function, port mapping and other network technology, if the network is not very familiar with, in the use of the process may encounter such problems, so to provide timely technical support, rapid response to the customer's company is very important. 

5. Industrial Grade 4G router chip. Industrial-grade 4G routers support the -20° to 75° usage environment, so the project implementation environment needs to be considered. 6.4G Band. Four-letter 4G All-Netcom industrial router supports telecom mobile Unicom 4G3G2G, eliminating the hassle of changing cards. ...