What Is Industrial Grade SMS Cat?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Industrial-grade SMS Cat is based on mobile GSM/GPRS network platform, embedded industrial-grade GSM/GPRS Wireless module SMS and Internet devices. Standard industrial-level specification design, support PDU and TXT text message format, with Chinese text messaging, English text messaging and wireless internet function. Four-letter f2x03 industrial-grade SMS CAT provides serial port RS232 standard interface, directly connected with the user computer or industrial control equipment, to achieve short message transceiver function. Provide SMS sending and receiving program, convenient for customers to test products and send to receive SMS; Provide bulk SMS software, convenient for customers to send bulk blessing SMS or company news announcements, etc. it also provides SMS send and receive DLL dynamic connection library, convenient customer research and development of their own SMS software. The device supports serial I/O hardware reset to ensure that the device works at any time.