Make Wind Turbine Intelligent

- Nov 07, 2018-

Make Wind Turbine Intelligent

Wind energy has many advantages. As a clean and renewable source of energy, wind energy production is a popular alternative source for electricity. The main advantage of wind energy are that it will not expire and no pollution. Millions of wind turbines have been installed all over the world.


But how to improve efficiency? We get answers after meeting with many operators.


Establish a remote monitoring network between the wind farm and the headquarters to monitor the working conditions and power generation of each wind farm equipment, suspend the operation of the wind turbine when the wind is small; and statistically analyze the power generation rate and utilization of each wind farm and each wind turbine. Rate, acquisition time and price, cost-effectiveness, operate with mobile equipment, increase revenue.


As a experienced company focusing on M2M Telecommunications, we are working with C&F Green Energy, who is a world leading , industry setting, manufacturer of small and medium sized wind turbines with a mission to make wind energy affordable and accessible to the farm, home and business.


Advantages of C&F Turbines

1.    Manufactured in Ireland

2.    Unrivalled performance and power

3.    Megawatt technology incorporated into smaller machines

4.    Superb product warranty.

5.    24/7 monitoring


Advantages of Meizo Industrial 4G LTE Router

1.    From offering power to the router to accessing internet, only 50 seconds is required. Auto reconnect once network fails.

2.    Different model to meet world wide 4G LTE networks.

3.    Rugged 4g router, work well under -35~+70℃ environment

4.    24/7 online

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