Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System for Car

Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System for Car

1. Background With the continuous development of the technology economy, cars have begun to popularize ordinary families, and a large number of vehicles have brought new problems to the management of parking lots. The traditional parking lot management mainly distributes the IC card to the...
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1. Background

With the continuous development of the technology economy, cars have begun to popularize ordinary families, and a large number of vehicles have brought new problems to the management of parking lots. The traditional parking lot management mainly distributes the IC card to the vehicles entering the parking lot, and records the vehicle entry and exit time. As the main basis for billing, whether it is a fixed vehicle or a temporary vehicle, the parking lot must enter and exit the parking lot before entering and leaving the parking. In the field, during the busy hours of vehicles, this management method often causes traffic jams and delays the valuable time of the owner.


The use of license plate recognition technology to replace the traditional IC card technology, to solve the phenomenon of parking lot entrance and exit traffic jam caused by the need to stop the card when entering and leaving the vehicle, has become an urgently needed solution. The system is a new type of barrier-free parking lot management system that utilizes a high-definition license plate recognition machine and does not require parking. The driver does not need to stop at the entrance and exit. When the vehicle enters the entrance of the parking lot, the vehicle detector triggers, automatically captures the photo of the vehicle, and recognizes the license plate number, and transmits the license plate number, color, license plate characteristic data, admission time information, etc. to the management computer. Vehicles are accessible to the parking lot, providing users with a new service model.

2. About the intelligent license plate recognition machine

The high-definition license plate recognition machine adopts a 1.3-megapixel high-definition smart camera, which can automatically and automatically recognize the number, letter and Chinese characters of the license plate in real time and directly give the recognition result. At the same time, the manager can also identify the vehicle features, such as models, colors, etc., by taking pictures. The embedded stereo license plate recognition HD network camera adopts megapixel high-definition recognition technology, which can be used in harsh outdoor environments, and is stable and reliable. Integrated embedded license plate recognition, can work offline, combined with high-performance video compression algorithm to make picture transmission more smooth. The license plate recognition HD camera debugging can be completed with the debugging software, the operation is simple and convenient, and the non-stop traffic can be realized.

3. Product Features

Support 1.3 million pixel HD image capture;

Support license plate number identification;

Support license plate color recognition;

Support strobe light at night;

4G real-time transmission;

Support coil trigger mode;

Support for JPEG image output.


4. Features

Embedded integrated design: based on TI embedded platform running license plate recognition algorithm, to achieve high performance, low power consumption, strong stability of integrated system applications;

The license plate recognition rate is high: the embedded license plate recognition algorithm has a high recognition rate, a fast recognition speed, and supports all types of license plates;

4G transmission: fast networking, easy to install

Easy installation of equipment: a smart camera can complete all functions such as image acquisition, license plate recognition and data transmission;

Flexible development: the product provides a convenient license plate recognition machine SDK development interface, customers can achieve complete system application with simple development;

Highly integrated product: The product integrates license plate recognition camera, lens, protective cover, column, fill light and other equipment, and is a highly integrated integrated license plate recognition device.

Meizo 4G Router Advantages:

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4. Standard RS232 and RS485 interface

5. 802.11n WIFI supported

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