Industrial 4G 3G VPN Lte Cellular WiFi Wireless M2m Iot Router

Industrial 4G 3G VPN Lte Cellular WiFi Wireless M2m Iot Router

The Meizo R58 series industrial 4G Ethernet VPN Modem is integrated with IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and GRE VPN protocols, easily to build VPN tunnels with Huawei, Cisco, Juniper and other VPN servers. The router CPU is using Broadcom chipset, integrated with industrial grade 4G modem, offering WAN, LAN, SIM, VPN, VRRP, WiFi, and Serial port services.
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We integrate our resources and advantages to continuously innovate and improve our switch gigabit, mesh wifi router, 4g Router With Sim Slot. We continue to provide our customers with high quality products and services through a flexible market operation mechanism. To get more information please feel free to let us know.

The Meizo R58 series industrial 4G Ethernet VPN Modem is integrated with IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and GRE VPN protocols, easily to build VPN tunnels with Huawei, Cisco, Juniper and other VPN servers. The 4G VPN router CPU is using Broadcom chipset, integrated with industrial grade 4G modem, offering WAN, LAN, SIM, VPN, VRRP, WiFi, and Serial port services, product line supporting the following radio access technologies: LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, CDMA2000, GPRS . By owning automatic connection monitoring and heartbeat detection, make sure the router to be always online.


The 4G rugged VPN router is using Industrial Grade equipment design standards, passed CE, FCC and EMC test, stable and reliable. Multiple VPN encryption protocols as L2TP, IPSec, PPTP and GRE are owned, making it ideal solution for applications in which high data bandwidth and strong stability is required.

Main Features

● Support public and private APN network

● ADSL(WAN port supports PPPOE, DHCP, Static IP) and 3G/4G backup. The router detects a network problem and fails over to a standby 3G/4G, ensuring the customer’s SLAs are upheld.

● Dedicated hardware and software watchdog are designed to support system running reliable.

● ICMP detection and Heartbeat detection ensure the router to be always on line.

● Reboot the router remotely via SMS.

● Incorporate Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), facilitating 3G/4G WAN backup services to existing fixed line routers, providing both WAN and router redundancy to critical business applications.

● Offers business grade security and advanced routing features IPSec (3Des and AES), L2TP, PPTP, GRE as standard.

● Low-voltage, over current, over voltage, anti-reverse protection

● Wide Power Input DC7-36V

● Standard RS232/485 interface to connect with serial devices.

● Router Factory Default Settings can be configured freely.

● System logs can be viewed from local or remote.

● Support WLAN(300Mbps 802.11b/g/n)

● Support SNMP v1/v2/v3

● LEDS for status monitoring (showing Power, System, Internet, VPN, Signal strength).

Hardware Specifications


● RAM:512Mbit    FLASH:128Mbit


● Input DC 7-36V(Standard DC12V)


● Storage temperature:-40℃~80℃

● Work temperature:-30℃~70℃

● Humidity:<95%


● Unit size L*W*H:200*117.5*32.7mm

● Metal Shell, IP30

● Package weight:830g


● 1 SIM card slot

● 1 WAN 10/100Mb RJ45 port

● 4 LAN 10/100Mb RJ45 port

● 1 RS232 or RS485 serial port

● 1 5-PIN connector for GND, RX, TX, Power


● ANT1 for Cell, ANT2,3 for WiFi


● Electrostatic discharge immunity:EN6100-4-2, level 2

●RFEMS:EN6100-4-3, level 2

● Surge:EN6100-4-3, level 2

● PFMF:EN6100-4-6, level 2

● Shockwave immunity:EN6100-4-8, Horizontal / vertical direction 400A/m(>level 2)

Physical property

● Shockproof:IEC60068-2-27

● Drop test:IEC60068-2-32

●Vibration test:IEC60068-2-6

Software Functions


● IPSec client

● PPTP client

● L2TP server and client

● GRE client


● Transmitting power: 17dbm

● Distance:Cover a radius of 100 meters in open area test

● Allow 50 users to access in theory

DTU(Serial port data transmission)

● TCP&UDP Server/Client

● Baud rate: 300~115200bps

● Up to 4 data service center communication


● Port Mapping

● Port Triggering



● IP filtering

● MAC filtering

● URL filtering


● Manage uplink/downlink bandwidth via port or IP


● Web

● Telnet

● TR-069 platform


● Static Routing

● Policy-Based Routing.

● Dynamic Routing

4G VPN Modem Router

4G technology helps agricultural Internet of Things construction


The Smart Agricultural IoT Cloud Platform solution combines the most advanced IoT, cloud computing, sensors, automatic control, etc., and displays the temperature, humidity, PH value, light intensity, etc. of greenhouses, fields, greenhouses, etc. in real time on the browser or mobile client. CO2, or as an automatic control parameter, participates in the automatic control to ensure that the crop has a good and suitable growth environment. Including greenhouse greenhouse intelligent monitoring system, underground pipe salt monitoring system, field irrigation / drip irrigation / wheel irrigation system, agricultural products e-commerce platform, water and fertilizer integration system.


Anhui is the pilot province of agricultural internet of things in the country. It has taken the lead in launching the first batch of 13 pilot demonstration counties and 50 demonstration sites in the country. In Wuzhou, Anhui Province, the birthplace of China's rural reform, Anhui Mobile cooperated with the local government to carry out the pilot project of agricultural Internet of Things, using the characteristics of high bandwidth and high speed of 4G network, focusing on the application of agricultural Internet of Things technology, cultivating multiple sample projects and promoting The demonstration and promotion of agricultural Internet of Things has achieved good results.

The Ganzhou Agricultural Internet of Things Construction Project focuses on the Quanjiao County Agricultural Internet of Things Integrated Service Platform and builds 50 application demonstration sites throughout the city, covering vegetable facility agricultural applications, large-scale animal husbandry applications, aquaculture applications, grain and oil production and processing applications, Fruit planting application, Chinese herbal medicine application, seedling production application, crop “four emotions” monitoring 8 areas, integrated production environment real-time monitoring, production equipment remote control, agricultural product quality traceability, disease expert diagnosis, agricultural production warning, agricultural e-commerce, farmers Distance education and training 7 functions to achieve construction goals that can be seen, available, and promoted.

Relying on the Internet of Things to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agriculture. In the process of building the agricultural Internet of Things, Anhui Mobile and Chenzhou City have strengthened cooperation, focusing on the four leading industries of aquaculture, livestock and poultry breeding, facility vegetables and high-quality grain, focusing on practical problems in agricultural production, management, management and service. The construction of a good agricultural Internet of Things platform, demonstration counties and demonstration enterprises will promote the application of agricultural Internet of Things technology in the city in an orderly manner, improve the level of precision and intelligence of agriculture, and promote the transformation of rural industries and the transformation of agricultural development methods. At present, the construction projects of 50 IoT application demonstration sites are progressing in an orderly manner. All the websites of the agriculture-related departments have been integrated, and the overall access to the agricultural Internet of Things integrated service platform has been fully put into use. It has covered more than 400,000 households and the total output value. 3.75 billion yuan, plans to complete the agricultural sector and agricultural enterprises at all levels in the city by 2020, and the agricultural Internet of Things application pattern in several areas including planting and aquaculture and deep processing of agricultural products.

Increase information to benefit the people and promote farmers to increase production and income. Anhui Mobile makes full use of the advantages of 4G network and resources, relying on the application of Internet of Things technology to help farmers achieve professional and precise agricultural production management, and truly realize information to benefit the people. In the modern aquatic product base of Quanjiao County, Anhui Mobile realized the real-time display of water quality and environmental parameters such as dissolved oxygen, PH value, water temperature and water level and surrounding conditions by deploying water quality monitoring, water level water temperature sensor and smart camera in the fish pond. The farmer can control the aerator, the feeding machine and other feeding equipment through the on-site equipment and network terminal to control the timing, automatic and SMS. According to the actual measured data at the demonstration site, the local agricultural committee used the mobile ADC management platform to send mobile phone text messages to more than 1,000 large aquaculture households in Quanjiao County to provide farmers with weather forecast-type aquaculture water quality forecasting and warning services to help farmers achieve increased production and income.

Establish a normalized collaborative working mechanism. Anhui Mobile, in conjunction with the status quo of local agricultural Internet of Things construction, actively contacted local government commissions, the Economic and Information Commission, the China Merchants Bureau and other government departments to focus on issues such as IoT development planning, preferential policies, infrastructure construction, capital investment, and technology applications. Promote the development of IoT technologies, industries and applications with regional characteristics according to local conditions, promote the sharing and sharing of communication infrastructure, sensing infrastructure, computing and storage infrastructure across industries, and form synergies among government departments, industries and communication operators to promote Ganzhou The agricultural Internet of Things construction project is in an orderly and healthy development.

In the practical application of the agricultural Internet of Things, there are also many difficulties. Due to factors such as scattered agricultural production, low degree of organization, and low added value of agriculture, large-scale promotion of agricultural Internet of Things is difficult, which restricts the further expansion of the industrial scale. The author suggests that operators should actively recommend to the government departments to establish a package of support policies including fiscal, taxation, finance, scientific research, talents, land, facilities, and comprehensive information services, encourage social funds to invest in the agricultural Internet of Things industry, and mobilize the main body of the parties. The enthusiasm of networking technology has gradually formed a commercial operation mode of agricultural Internet of Things (the government leads, the market operates, the parties cooperate and promote together).

Intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring 

Difficulties in wiring, difficulty in protection, low degree of automation, and low level of equipment integration.

Intelligent IoT Monitoring Unit:

Air temperature and humidity, illuminance, carbon dioxide, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC value, soil pH, oxygen, multi-channel control output.


■ Easy installation and installation: wireless networking of equipment, no wiring, no need to set up, ready to use;

■ Reliable protection: All equipments are equipped with protective enclosures or self-contained enclosures to cope with high temperature and high humidity in the greenhouse;

■ High degree of automation: local touch screen closed-loop monitoring, single-touch, multi-point storage, remote data can be transmitted to the cloud service platform through 4G VPN Router multiple links;

■ High integration: integrated multi-parameter acquisition, multi-channel control.

4G IPSec VPN Modem

We are a manufacturer of Industrial 4G 3G VPN Lte Cellular WiFi Wireless M2m Iot Router. Management philosophy is the basic values and basic guidelines to be followed in management activities. We will adhere to 'high standards and strict requirements' as in the past, we are willing to seek win-win business cooperation with customers like you with professionalism and integrity.
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